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Be Your Player Offline Tournament Rules Second Half-time – Small field football

1. Ground rules
a. The starting result of the second half come from the console game (score, and red cards also)
b. Small field football rules are relevant
c. The playing time is 10 minutes, with running clock
d. Team have max. 5 minutes preparation time
e. The goals have standard „hocky-goal” size (2x1 m)
f. The matches will play with 4 sized ball (circumference: 62-64 cm)
g. The match will be played two teams together. Each team has 3 + 1 players on the field (one player will be „emergency goalkeeper”) except the teams which has red card in the first half. They have to play with 2 + 1 players. The „goalkeeper” can be changed anytime with out any notification. Every team can substituted with out any limit (maximum 2 bench players)
h. The exchange must be made in the substitution zone at the half way
i. In one team, all players have to wear uniform (same coloured shirts). Teams who play agains teach other, have to wear different coloured jersey. If they have the same coloured uniform the „away team” have to wear distinctive jersey
j. Shoes: indoor and artificial-turf football shoes. Shoes with cleats is forbidden
k. Sliding tackle is forbidden and results a free kick.
l. Every uses of hand is forbidden, except the throw-in. Illegal use of hands will result a 2 minutes ejection and penalty.
m. At the free-kick – if it asked with the kicker player – every opponent player must remain at least 5 meters
n. Penalty kick have to made from the halfway, to empty goal. The ball has to be kicked to fly in to the goal area.
o. The ball is out of play if leave the field and when the refree interrupt the match with whistle
p. When the soccer ball has gone out of bounds, the team that last touched the ball loses possession and the opposing team gets to throw-in/kick-in the ball from the point where the ball crossed out of bounds.
q. If the ball is out all of the players can throw or kick in.
r. If the ball is go out on the baseline and touched by the emergency goalkeeper or any defensive player there will be corner kick.
s. A goal can only be scored if the entire ball go escompletely over the outside edge of the goal line, under the cross bar and between the goal posts while it is in play.
t. After the group matches the elimination round matches and pairs will be automatically display on the website.
u. The referee can use yellow and red cards. The ejection can last for 2 minutes or can be premanent. The player is ejected permanently can be replaced after 5 minutes any other bench players.
v. The rules will be judged by the referee. The decision is unquestionable.
w. The last 16, the quarter-, semi-final pairing will be made at random (www.random.org)by the organizers.
x. No Bronze match. There are shared 3. place.
y. Everyone have to play within the spirit of the fair-play on the tournament.