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Be Your Player Offline Tournament Rules

First Half-time – Xbox ONE FIFA 19

  1. Rules

    1. All of the matches have to play with the latest version of an original
      ElectronicArts Inc. FIFA 19 software on Xbox One console 

    2. On the tournament can be played all those natural person who is older than 14 years. The players who are younger than 18 years old can play with written authorization from one parent or legal guardian.

    3. All halves will be inspect by real and virtual referee

      i. Referee
      Any natural person who is older than 16 years old anddesignated by the organizers. Their decisions can be override only by the jury.

    4. All the matches will be played in 2vs2. There are no privileges or exceptions for anyone.

  2. Matches

    1. Duration: 6 minutes

    2. Difficulty: Legend

    3. Game speed: Normal

    4. Injuries: Off

    5. Handball: Off

    6. Team Rosters: Online, Player Rating: Online

    7. Weather: Spring, 8:00 PM

    8. Referee: Random

    9. Ball: Random

    10. Offside: On

    11. Before the game all players have 2 minutes to:
      I. Select the choosen team on the registration form ii. Select between the integrated tactics
      II. Set the starting team from the roaster – change the controller setting on demand

    12. During the match substitutions are forbidden. Excluded from this if any team is given a red card from the virtual referee. In this case team who suffered have 1 minutes for 1 substitution.

    13. All the matches will be played in default Tele Broadcast view.

    14. The match can’t be stopped without the real referee permission. In the case

      of technical failure this rules are exceptions (except paragraph 12.)

    15. All teams have to play during the tournament with the selected FIFA team in the registration. Only the FIFA 19 Club teams allowed. National teams are


    16. The red cards (ejections) carries on as well the half time results.



Be Your Player Offline Tournament Rules

Second Half-time – Cageball football


  1. Two teams can occupy the field at the same time with up to 3-3 players for each team.
  2. During a cageball match, teams are allowed several opportunities to swap players. They may do this after a goal was scored or in case of injury.
  3. Each player must strive for maximum safety, so they must not wear anything that might endanger the safety of other players'. For example: wristwatch, necklace, cleated shoes, artificial turf shoes.
  4. The equipment required for the match is as follows: jersey/shirt preferably of uniform colour, shorts, white-soled indoor shoes, hose-tops or sports socks.
  5. For all matches, we provide a special size 4 low bounce futsal ball.
  6. Time is measured by a running clock which is to be stopped only in case of major injury or unexpected circumstances.
  7. According to the rules, the team that is to the left,if viewed from the outside of the entrance, commences the match.
  8. According to the rules, the kick-off must be taken from a standing position from the penalty line before the goal of the starting team. If the ball moved forward, it's considered to be in play.
  9. After a goal was scored, each player must stay in his own half of the field for the kick-off.
  10. After the kick-off, a mandatory pass is required before shooting at the goal.
  11. In the event of a substitution, the match may be resumed after the substitution completed and the door closed after the last player.
  12. In the event of an interruption, the match shall be continued from where the ball was at the time of the interruption of the match.
  13. The free kick is to be taken from a standing position, during which the player can either pass or shoot at the goal. The opponent's players must stay at least 2 meters from the point of the free kick. If the ball moved, it is in play.
  14. The penalty kick is to be taken from a designated place in front the goal and the opponent's player must not touch the ball until it touches the wall along the goal or a goal is scored.
  15. The rules will be judged by the referee. The decision is unquestionable.
  16. If two or more teams are equal on points on competition of the group matches the following criteria are applied in the order given determine their ranking: higher number of points obtained in the group matches played among the teams in question / superior goal difference from the group matches played among the teams in question / Against each other / higher number of goals scored in the group matches played among the teams in question.
  17. Match system – round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals and final. If the result is drawn there will be 3-3 penalties. If the result is draw after the three penalties those player have to kick who didn’t kick yet.
  18. We have a bronze match. 
  19. Everyone have to play within the spirit of the fair-play on the tournament.


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