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Be Your Player Offline Tournament Rules

First Half-time – Xbox ONE FIFA 18

I. Rules

a. All of the matches have to play with the latest version of an original ElectronicArts Inc. FIFA 18 software on Xbox One console
b. On the tournament can be played all those natural person who is older than 14 years. The players who are younger than 18 years old can play with written authorization from one parent or legal guardian.
c. All halves will be inspect by real and virtual referee
            i. Referee: Any natural person who is older than 16 years old anddesignated by the organizers. Their decisions can be override only by the jury.
d. All the matches will be played in 2vs2. There are no privileges or exceptions for anyone.

II. Matches

a. Duration: 6 minutes
b. Difficulty: Legend
c. Game speed: Normal
d. Injuries: Off
e. Handball: Off
f. Team Rosters: Offline, Player Rating: Offline
g. Weather: Spring, 8:00 PM
h. Referee: Random
i. Ball: Random
j. Offside: On
k. Before the game all players have 2 minutes to:
   I. Select the choosen team on the registration form
   II. Select between the integrated tactics
   III. Set the starting team from the roaster – change the controller setting on demand
l. During the match substitutions are forbidden. Excluded from this if any team is given a red card from the virtual referee. In this case team who suffered have 1 minutes for 1 substitution.
m. All the matches will be played in default Tele Broadcast view.
n. The match can’t be stopped without the real referee permission. In the case of technical failure this rules are exceptions (except paragraph 12.)
o. All teams have to play during the tournament with the selected FIFA team in the registration. Only the FIFA17 Club teams allowed. National teams are forbidden.
p. The red cards (ejections) carries on as well the half time results.
i. The result and ejection(s) will be verify by the given referee
q. After the group matches the elimination round matches and pairs will be automatically display on the website.
r. Tha last 16, the quarter-, semi-final pairing will be made at random (www.random.org) by the organizers.
s. Bronze match for two teams, before the final, so no shared 3. place.

III. Conducting competition

a. Responsibility of the paricipant
    I. Have to apply at the given referee 3 minutes before the game start
    II. Any technical failure (freeze, controller problem etc.) during the match have to report to the referee. Failing this have to play with the given conditions.
    III. Have to follow the organizers and referees instructions. In any problematic cases the jury (organizers) have to decide.
    IV. All players have to report any suspected irregularities
    V. Any players must have been kept out of the fields if he / she is not playing. Failure to do this there will be automatic disqualification.
    VI. Everyone have to play within the spirit of the fair-play on the tournament.
    VII. Obstruction of any matches will lead automatic disqualification. Especially phisical incapacity (pushing, disorder)
b. Responsibility of the referee
    I. Supervision of the matches
    II. In the event of dispute have to judge by the Rules.
    III. Give any information from the Rules if it necessary
    IV. They have not to give information about the game time and the organization of the event
    V. If they saw any irregularity they can stop the match and may decide the replay of the half-time
    VI. If they have not been informed of any techincal problems (controller failure, irregular roaster / team / tactics) the team have to play the given half. The referee may decide about the replay
c. Responsibility of the Origanizers / Jury
    I. Supervising the conducting of the event
    II. Maintain an Information Desk during the event
    III. Inform the participant if any team don’t apply to the stage 3 minutes before the start
    IV. After 3 warning because of the 3 minutes rule automatic disqualification for the affected team
    V. Challanging any irregulation, although they can reject any challange if the investigation wil threat the smooth running the event or the participant did’t act within the rules of procedure (paragraph III/1)

IV. Other Provisions

a. The participant should compensate any damage they made. If fails to settle the material damage on-the-spot, the organizers can make legal action
b. Throwing the controller, any physical abuse, any vandalism results automatic disqualification
c. The paricipants understand and agree the tournament rules by entering the event. The rules available at the referees.
d. This rule’s paragraphs can be modify because of the smooth running of the event. The modification have to be tell orally to the participants. They have to agree them regardless the running or following games.
e. The use of own controller can be restrict. The connect time of the controller is inculde the 2 minutes preparation time.