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\\\\\ What is the BeYourPlayer?

Briefly its a new hybrid sport event, which mixes the oldschool "real" football with the everyone's favourite sport game, the FIFA.

In the first half of the game the players play on console, and in the second they can beat each other on the field. With this kind of event we would like to bring together both of the eSport fans and the football lovers.

There is no place for excuses, that you can play only with FIFA or you are play better on the field. Now You can show your skills in both competition.

Such a big party, as it sounds weird.
Come and test your skills!
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2017.10.02. - 2017.10.08-ig: 9.900,- HUF/team

2017.10.09. - 2017.10.22-ig: 10.900,- HUF/team

2017.10.23. - 2017.11.08-ig: 11.900,- HUF/team

\\\\\ How it works?

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